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Welcome To Di Dau O Muntajae

The Di Dau O Muntajae is built to offer luxurious settings with all the lifestyle amenities and essential necessities available next to you. These villas are designed to get you the feel of life around nature. As you choose your comfort, take a luxurious bath in your jacuzzi, curl up in the coziest of beddings, listen to self-indulging light music or just switch on to the picturesque view of the surroundings at a drop of the curtains. Discovering a never-before experience of a sorted life in the fine spreads of nature!




_____ Di Dau O Muntajae

Experience that Stay forever

Rediscover peace in tranquillity

Finding inner peace is fetching treasures. Spread over 5.5 acres, rediscover yourself in the boundlessness of nature!

Dinner under the stars

Nothing could be more romantic than this. Being closer to the pale-blue dot. The only real home we’ve ever known!

Unforgettable destination wedding

A fairy-tale wedding is guaranteed at this sprawling destination, where nature is the witness of the eternal vows of hospitality!

Perfect escape in mountains

Leave behind the views of concrete jungles. Choose to see the mesmerizing sight of unending highlands and lush foothills all around!

Rejuvenate your body and mind

Perform yogic asanas and meditate in the morning sun and bring your soul back to where it belongs at Di Dau O Muntajae!

Best-in-class amenities

With a high-end outdoor sports facility, all-equipped gymnasium, recreation and gaming zone, swimming pool, banquet, restaurant, open walkways, and organic plantations.